"This is a printing office" is a poem written by famous typographer Beatrice Warde, that represents the importance of type foundries on it's time of publishing.

This motion design project was an academic assignment, I decided to pay a homage to this important manifest that holds the spirit and feelings towards typographic technology from it's time.


Manifest standing at the entrance of printing department of the United States Office.

Beatrice Warde was american typographer, writer and researsher.

At the time of publishing metal typefaces were a technological revolution. If something was written with this technique was seen as trustworthy. 

When reflecting about fakenews what does give us this same feeling nowadays?

3D Research and Development

It was necessary to use procedural techiniques to create the metal types models. Those were collided against a invisible object afterwards, creating the dispersion animation.

The type elements were created proceduraly to a certain point
Rigidbody collision test.
0203 tipo_post
Raw render against post.
Final piece: