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Year: 2022
Fields: Art direction, 3D motion design, Content
Company: Cloudwalk / Infinitepay

Satisfying posts project is a creative initiative inside of the InfinitePay marketing team. This creative challenge was inspired by a internet content trend of looping, animated videos that cause a strange feeling of satisfaction to the viewer.

As the project grew, different briefing prompts where assigned the competition started to grow. Which elevated the quality of the videos and inspired bolder ideias.

Since then I created many videos that I'm proud to share on my portfolio, here is a selection of my favorites and I hope to share even more in the future.


nº 1

My first contribution to the satisfying project!

When arriving at InfinitePay and introduced to the project this idea poped right into my mind. 

Mixing the Tron film motorcycles with InfinitePay POS machines was a cool way to show how we are beating the competition.


nº 2

Lo-Fi Vaporwave Train

This original post was an 8 minute long vaporwave travel animation of an astrounout traveling inside a white train carriage listening to relaxing lofi music.

The sequence features a OOH advertising tv screen that shows other infitepay commercials.


nº 3

InfinitePleasures - ASMR

Quick paced animation to ilustrate how easy and relaxing it's to make a 12 installment sale on infinite black smart machine.


nº 4

BRLC time travel

The BRLC is a InfinitePay stablecoin used to make transactions faster and secure. All our clients use this Web3 protocol everyday.

Besides cool looking this animation shows how BRLC is taking us to the future in lightspeed.

Fun fact, the background stars are a James Webb Space Telescope image.


nº 5

This is my lattest Satisfying contribution and one of my favorites.

Exploring the new branding aesthethics I created this looping animation of POS machines fliping into a wave of smartphones.

As a way to communicate that your smarphone is also a credit card machine with the new Tap to Phone feature from InfinitePay.


Designer in love with Motion, Grids and 3D. I have years of expirience working in a variaety of creative projects. 
Focused on translating ideias to execution.

Currently based in Brazil. 
Say hello@igpetry.com

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